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Making a Simple Elegant Nuno Felt Scarf

After several requests for instruction on making a simple nuno felt scarf, I finally decided to allow the time and energy for the making of a video.  

Elegant Nuno Scarf
showing (wool) front
I feel quite challenged to make work that is both mainstream and commercial, so that was part of 'the brief' I set myself. With Melburnians' penchant for all things black when it comes to clothing (and like a once good friend - brown on a good day) black silk Georgette was chosen as the carrier fabric and my canvas.

Around this time last year I had purchased from First Edition Fibres in country Victoria a merino silk blend, which I thought would make an excellent complement to the black silk Georgette.  I love the silk merino blends from First Edition Fibres, in particular the 70% silk 30% merino blend, which when felted on felter's gauze can give an effect that's quite lacy and delicate. The silk merino blends tend to take longer to felt but the effort is usually well worth it.

As I finished laying the merino, I decided to keep it simple and not use the silk hankies I'd introduced at the beginning of the video. Sometimes the work can have its own momentum; and as a painting teacher used to tell me 'let it be what it wants to be'.  My surfaces tend to be painterly, achieved by laying the fibre in various directions.  But this method of laying also produces a stronger laminated fabric.  If you intend to go onto trying your hand with a felted Nuno garment, I suggest getting used to varying the direction of the way you lay the fibre, as well as, rolling the fabric from each direction, turning it at 90 degrees each time.

A couple of weeks ago when my partner Philip referred to my 'Tell Tale Venus' ensemble as 'frou-frou', I was taken aback; then, looked up its meaning and discovered that it can refer to a rustle of fabric or a swishing sound.  The idea has caught my imagination to make Nuno felt that rustles.  I know Philip didn't mean it in that sense but that's the positive that I'll take from his remark.

Hope you enjoy the video.

The Materials
  • For silk and fine merino blends see, First Edition Fibres.  The blend used in the video consists of 60% fine merino 40% tussah silk fibres that is 'randomly dyed', no 0464. 
  • For acid dyes for my silk and wool products, I use "Landscape Dyes" which are available from Kraftkolour, and they produce a wonderful guide for using the dyes. 
  • The black silk Georgette was purchased from a colleague who was getting rid of her stash because she was no longer felting.  If you haven't purchased the fabric yourself, you can never be quite sure about its quality, shrinkage, or from whence it originated.  The dye ran quite a bit, which I found unusual for commercially dyed black silk.
Every once in a while you may hear the pitter patter of doggie feet, as Maudie the Lab comes in and out of the studio, and on occasion her whining, as she wants attention or to play ball. She's turned into a terrific studio dog and no longer runs off with everything she sees.  Last but not least, I'd like to acknowledge and thank Philip for the many hats that he wears - filming, directing, as well as piecing together the hours of footage. His advice, input and understanding are always invaluable.

close-up front
Elegant Nuno Scarf
reverse (silk fabric) side
close-up reverse

Buy the Downloadable DVD

I love making my Nuno pieces and I have invested heavily in buying books, trying different processes and learning tips and techniques along the way. My downloadable DVD tutorial short cuts much of this process for you and guides you step-by-step in a way that wasn't available for me when I began to learn to felt.

It takes some time to plan, create and produce a DVD for your enjoyment and information.  Your $5 US investment is a nominal fee to cover my time and expertise, buy my film crew (of one) a cup of coffee so he'll help me with the next one, and I also donate 20% of the income to Project Kolkata.  It represents a fraction of the cost of participating in a workshop or purchasing an instructional book.  In addition, if you purchase the downloadable DVD, I will respond to any query where you might require assistance when you begin to make your own simple yet elegant Nuno felted scarf.

DVD Trailer:  Watch the trailer of the making of the scarf (this blog trailer is lower quality than the DVD).

DVD Tutorial:  To watch the full DVD tutorial please make a $5 US payment to my hotmail email address - - through the PayPal link below.

(Note:  You don't need a PayPal account)

Remember to use my hotmail address -
and add in the comments section the words "Simple Nuno Felt Scarf"

Please allow up to 36 hours for me to respond - especially if you are overseas.  I will email you the download link with the subject line, "Joni Cornell Simple Nuno Felt Scarf", and instructions for downloading the file.

Please make sure you check your junk mail if you are using an email filter.

Happy viewing, Joni

***An update
Please note that this DVD is no longer available.  There is free viewing available at YouTube (link following)

After a back injury my partner Philip invented a wet felt rolling machine to enable me to continue felt making.  I was so impressed with the prototype that I encouraged him to take it to production, so that the rest of the world of felt-makers could enjoy its unique benefits.  My method of making felt has changed but my fabrics are still of great quality and beauty.
You can find the wet felt roller at

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