Monday, February 25, 2013

Open Studios Tension Exhibition 2013 - "Ten Fabrics Gathering"

Tension Exhibition 2013 - "Ten Fabrics Gathering"

Last April (2013) I participated in the Open Studios in the Dandenong Ranges program where 35 artists’ studios opened for one weekend.  The artists also contribute to a group exhibition whose theme was ‘Tension’ punned around the fact that the program was in its tenth year.  Open Studios is co-sponsored by Yarra Ranges Council and Burrinja Gallery and all the artists' pieces were on exhibition for four weeks.  The visitor was encouraged to start their tour of the open studios from the gallery, take in the group exhibition, and enjoy a coffee at the cafĂ© while planning their route through the Dandenongs.

To coincide with the program I decided to ‘open’ my studio in the making of my ‘Tension’ piece, which naturally is executed in Nuno felt, by treating you to a series of six videos of its making. 

Part 1 is shown here and if you would like to see the full series you may do so by following the information below.  (Note: the videos are named "Nuno Felt Semi Circular Wrap as I didn't have the "Ten Fabrics Gathering" label when recording them.)

Access to Parts 2-5 Plus Video Extra

I love making my Nuno pieces and I have invested heavily in buying books, trying different processes and learning tips and techniques along the way. The video above is part 1 of a five part collection plus an additional helpful tip video.

It takes some time to plan, create and produce a video for your enjoyment and information. Originally, Parts 2-6 required purchase.  But I've recently decided to make them freely available on YouTube.  Thanks for your interest in my work. 

Happy viewing, Joni

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